Outsource Your Health & Fitness: What It Means & Why It’s Important

In a past life, I built emergency vehicles for the military and other government agencies.

I took great pride in this because I really felt as if I was making a difference in the world. Whenever a natural disaster would strike, my work would allow first-responders to help more people, more efficiently.

We built everything in house; start to finish, every last detail. Each project took about six months to complete. You can imagine the amount of time, energy, efficiency and decision-making that went into each project we created.

As I became more familiar with the build out of these machines, I began to question why we weren’t outsourcing some of the work.

It seemed as though we were always hitting snags around the same places; which leads me to this powerful piece of advice I want to share with you today…

Don’t be afraid to outsource what costs too much for you to do

The smartest and most progressive businesses in the world do this all the time. By saving on certain costs up front, leads to better margins and ultimately, a more sustainable future.

Think about how it relates to your business. There are several things that you are not particularly skilled at that should be done to someone else.

One of my early coaches in business echoes this…

“Focus on your 5%” he would always say.

Then challenge me to delegate more and more.

His point was to solely focus on the 5% of tasks I am a genius at doing and then outsource the other 95%

Here’s how it relates to your training, and more specifically, your health.

The best companies are always looking to optimize their systems by finding weak points and then solving by having someone else do the work.

As it relates to high performers and entrep’s, we get to look at our daily operations and ask the same questions.

“What do I keep saying I’ll start doing more of next week?”

For a lot of us, it’s our health, training and nutrition.

And it’s no wonder we have the same conversations each week. Our daily operations are consumed with the other moving parts in our business and since our most limited resources are time, will power and efficiency, we just get tired of making so many damn decisions.

Case Western & FSU did a study that proved humans have a finite amount of mental energy each day for making quality decisions that lead to a greater quality of life and after a certain threshold is met, quality declines.

Wouldn’t it be best to outsource the time and mental energy it takes to create effective health/fitness solutions? Especially with someone who understands what you need to create a massive impact?

Just like a company would invest in a specialist to reduce the headaches and guesswork, you may want to invest in your health to do the same.

That way, you free up more of those limited resources (time, energy, efficiency) to do the things that bring the most joy in your life like QT with the family or maybe that side project you’ve been thinking about starting.

A great business understands where it’s lacking in productivity.
The quicker it realizes it needs help, the quicker it receives it.
Your body is your business. Don’t be afraid to outsource parts
of the process in efforts to create a bigger impact.

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