3 Disciplines to Staying Fit as a High Performer

Did you know?

High performers aren’t necessarily just business owners or entrepreneurs.

In fact, you could define high performers as those who ‘succeed beyond standard norms, consistently over the long term.’

Think musicians, corporate executives, authors, politicians, professors, athletes, entertainers, etc.

We all understand the obvious when it comes to our health; why we should eat healthy, exercise regularly, drink less tequila, the list goes on…

It’s about longevity. It’s about higher levels of happiness and impact which ultimately lead to that incredible legacy we all want to leave but I think we sometimes forget how big of a role our health plays into it.

I first started coaching high performers in 2007 and since then, I’ve noticed a few common themes as to why they struggle to stay fit, be consistent, and maintain high energy levels throughout their careers.

Problem: Sporadic Schedule
Discipline #1: Strategy

I’m almost certain you’ve listened to a podcast, read in a book, or heard from stage that having passion behind an idea isn’t enough…You also need a strategy/action plan so that you can make it happen. If your schedule changes quickly it’s important that we make sure your training gets done no matter where you are and how much time is available. It should almost go without saying that it’s best to implement this first thing in the morning since fitness is one of the few things we have complete control over.

Here’s How To Do It:
We create 2 different types of training sessions based off where your schedule lands you in the world:
Home: Typically, there’s a gym or happy place you visit to make it happen. This program usually involves equipment of some kind; kettlebells, battle ropes, etc but can also be as simple as a jump rope or a pull up bar (you’d be amazed as to how fit you can get with these two things). This can also be running, climbing or swimming. Shoot for 45 minutes.

Travel: Please don’t tell me hotel gyms suck and that’s why you can’t train on the road. Actually, it’s the excuses that suck, not that you’re traveling–I guarantee that I can get you in the best shape of your life without you ever touching a piece of equipment. This program relies on 10-12 full-body movements done in a specific order so that you only spend 30 min each session; think intensity not duration.

Problem: Lack Consistency
Discipline #2: Find Clarity

Why is it that we can know what we want and know EXACTLY what we need to be doing yet struggle to draw up the feelings or motivation to make it happen? It’s because we don’t take action based off of our goals or logic. Instead, we take action based off of how we feel in the moment. Think about how this applies in your life right now…I bet that it’s more challenging for you to schedule in regular exercise than to schedule sales calls or build out a new program in your business.

Why is that?

It’s because in your business/mission, you’ve dug to the foundation on why it’s critical you show up everyday and give it your best. You’ve connected your vision of success to your reasons to take action.

Now what if you could make that same connection as it relates to your health so that you can create your ideal body and regain control of your health?

Here’s How To Do It:
Where would you go? What would you do? How would abundant health impact your mission? Your impact? Your influence? Your family?

What if you had a blueprint that helped you get clear on creating your ideal body and getting to the foundation of why it’s necessary you make it a priority now?

Keep reading, I have something for you at the end.

Problem: The Wrong Mindset
Discipline #3: Treat Your Body Like an Athlete Would

I don’t like the term workout–Call it semantics or whatever but it just feels pointless if you’re just working out.

Next time you’re in a gym or somewhere similar where people are working out, look around and see how many people are actually working.

Most of the time you can tell who’s serious and who’s just passing the time.

Now, if passing the time is your thing, cool, no judgement. Do your thing.

What I’ve learned as a high performer is that there’s a fine line between working out and training and when you simply workout, it’s because there is no long-term goal in mind.

Training, on the other hand, requires you to be disciplined with your actions, efficient with your programming and intentional with your time and there’s good science to back me on this.

A recent study concluded that CEO’s, high level exec’s, and other high performers have the same energy expenditure to that of professional athletes.

It turns out that to make it as a high performer, you’ve got to care about your health, fitness, and energy levels just as much as an NFL athlete does.

Here’s How To Do It:
It’s a simple mindset shift…Whether you played sports growing up or not, you know that the best players on the team get to play. The best players on the team are those who train. The best players on the team are those who relentlessly push their bodies to the next level. They eat well, sleep well, and most importantly think well. The best athletes continually focus on what’s ahead and the skill sets they’ll need to develop in order to be successful in the future.

Shift to seeing exercise as your training. You are a warrior with incredible gifts to give the world and if you’re simply just ‘working out’ or going through the motions, it’s robbing the world of your greatest potential.

Shift away from seeing health/fitness as ‘I have to’. Doing this ramps up temptation and victimizes you .

Instead, shift to ‘I’m blessed to’. Doing this brings gratitude and excitement for the ability to push, pull, jump, run, climb, etc.

Where To Go From Here:

I created an Action Guide for your to help find clarity on creating your ideal body. It’s the same tool my most successful clients use to get back in shape and it’s yours for free, simply fill out the form below.

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