Online Coaching vs. In-Person Training

I’m twelve.

I’m arguing with my Dad in Wal-Mart about which new CD to buy.

Time stood still as my future hinges on my next move.

“They’re pretty much the same thing, just pick one already!” he says impatiently.

Appalled, I thought to myself, “How dare he compare the vocal range of N’Sync vs. Backstreet Boys?” I am triggered.

Now in my life, interestingly enough, I find myself in similar situations all the time where I see a side-by-side of something I’m interested in–And after recovering from the rabbit hole of Amazon reviews, google searches, etc, I’ve wasted precious mental energy and discernment on something I wish I had a resource to refer to.

High performers, entrepreneurs, you know what I’m talking about. We make decisions all day long and it’s taxing after a while. As the day goes on, willpower and decision-making abilities go downhill and there’s good science to back me on this.

Case Western and FSU did a study that proved humans have a finite amount mental energy each day for making quality choices that lead to a greater quality of life (or the opposite).

I’m sure you’ve been thinking about working with a coach to regain control of your health so that you can increase your impact and influence but have been unsure if training in-person or online was the best fit for you.

You’re welcome in advance because I’ve already done the heavy lifting for you (figuratively speaking).

Pro’s of Online Coaching

Hard to argue that this isn’t the future of fitness–Most high performers/entrep’s have sporadic schedules (flights, speakings, sales calls) and the flexibility of training on their own time is very appealing. And honestly, it’s nice to just have a plan ready at a moment’s notice, no matter where in the world you are.

2. Intrinsically Ideal
For those who take cold showers and “body hack” themselves to creating a bigger impact in the world–The self-starter who is motivated internally by deep-seated reasons is the poster child because he/she realizes that optimizing the body will help scale more quickly and increase longevity.

3. Access to Experts
Even if you live in a big city where fitness coaches are in abundance, it can be difficult to find one who can work with your schedule, understand the needs of high performers, and really know their dropsets from their supersets (bad joke). Most great coaches have created online versions of their services because they also, want to work with experts…YOU!

Pro’s of In-Person Coaching

1. Real-Time Correction
For the high performer/entrep who has never done a squat or pushup or deadlift, it can be extremely beneficial to have someone alongside who can make sure you’re not putting yourself at risk. I have redirected several newbies to in-person training simply for this reason. Plus, it’s a win-win because I still get to be part of the transformation!

2. Extrinsic Effort
Perfect for those who need to be stimulated by others while training. This can be great for those who dislike exercise initially and want someone to conversate with to make the task easier. Typically, those who train with heavy weights prefer this option so that they have a spotter.

3. Injuries
THIS ONE REALLY PISSES ME OFF…Before I started coaching online, I worked with high performers in a gym. I can’t even count the amount of people I trained who worked with someone online, who then made existing conditions worse because the coach didn’t take injuries into consideration when building the program.

Rule of Thumb: Know the difference between pain and discomfort. If it’s painful, work with someone in person. If it’s just uncomfortable, you’re probably safe to choose. Either way, get that thing checked out.

Where To Go From Here:

You now have my unbiased answers to figuring out which decision is a better fit for you.

My intention is to create a world where everyone gets exactly what they want…Win-Win.

If you’re down with Win-Win and want to learn more about working together online…

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