Dan & Dan

I remember the first time we met. 

It was a sunny day in June and he had just flown in from Florida as he does every year to enjoy summertime in Montana.

His easy-going demeanor made it easy to carry conversation. 

He’s done so many incredible things in his life that his stories leave me cross-legged and starry-eyed. 

His name is Dan and is probably the kindest, generous, wealthiest man you’ve never heard of. 

His resume of charitable contributions is as long as the list of multi-million dollar companies he’s created.

He’s been all over the world (literally), owned private islands in the Caribbean, and created a legacy in continuing education that will be tough to beat. 

But the highlight reel isn’t all there is to see…

You see, over the past three years we have been working hard to regain control of his health despite some major medical conditions and although we’ve made hit some major milestones, we still get to accomplish so much more.

Now in his late 60’s, I see how much his health really means to him even though it wasn’t always this way.

“It just wasn’t much of a priority then” he said.

“I was traveling every week, in meetings all day, and found it easier and easier to put it on the back burner.”

Maybe this sounds like you or someone you know?

Maybe there’s a small hint of guilt you’re feeling as you read these words?!

And of course it’s easier to neglect our health for task completion, but let me ask you, at what cost does this come?

If all you did was prioritize everything above your health, who really wins? On family vacations are you chasing your kids across the beach? Hiking up to a scenic overlook with your spouse? Running with the bulls in Spain?


are you stuck by the pool or in the hotel lobby having a drink because you can’t keep up?

I’ve worked with some major players in the game who all say the same thing–in their own words of course.

“I’d rather have great health and zero capital, than unlimited resources and no quality of life to enjoy them.”

It’s my belief that you feel the same way too and I believe at some point, we all pay for our health. 

Whether we choose to do it early on in life with gym memberships and fitness coaches or later on when it becomes a problem and we’re paying for hospital visits and medication. 

And I know some who read this will argue that despite all the incredible contributions that my friend Dan has made in the world, he has still been wildly successful. There’s no doubt about this…

But I can’t help but wonder as to what may have been left on the table had he taken action on his health at a younger age. 

Regardless, he is an amazing friend, mentor, and business coach to me and I’m grateful for this man everyday. 

Remember, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is right now.

Don’t wait for a problem before creating a solution.

So I’d like to ask you…

What are you currently leaving on the table?

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